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The skilled attorneys at Stern Law are currently accepting cases on behalf of owners of lessees of Ford’s Fusion automobiles. If you own or lease one of these vehicles and have confirmed or suspected transmission issues, contact our office today to discuss your options for compensation. You might be eligible to file a lawsuit against Ford.

What Is Wrong With Ford’s Transmissions?

If you are a Ford owner — and even if you’re not — you have probably heard about the onslaught of transmission issues newer Ford owners have been experiencing. It seems like nearly everyone with a Fiesta, Focus, or Fusion has been in and out of the shop, starting not long after driving the car off the dealer lot. What is going on?

With newly passed federal fuel emissions regulations and the price of gasoline around 2010, Ford found itself in a race with its competitors to release the most fuel-efficient vehicles possible. It wanted small, light, aerodynamic cars that could run forever on a single tank of gas. To accomplish this, Ford chose to redesign its transmissions.

For the Fiesta and Focus, Ford created the PowerShift transmission (a modified manual transmission). This new design turned into a disaster for car owners, and we began litigating cases against Ford on their behalf. During the process, however, we continually received calls from clients having transmission trouble with their Ford Fusions, as well.

Stern Law looked into the matter further, and we soon discovered Ford placed another faulty transmission inside the 2010-2016 Fusion. Though not the PowerShift transmission, the Fusion has its own set of dangerous issues.

Your Fusion concerns are a real safety issue.

Just as it did with the Fiesta and Focus, Ford has done everything it can internally to dismiss or minimize its ongoing Fusion transmission issues. Our clients tell us they have made repeated trips to the dealership, only to be turned away or sent home with a bill for a “fix” on a persistently dangerous vehicle. They have also been told the vehicle “just runs that way,” or even that they themselves are to blame for the issues they’re experiencing. If you are worried about your Ford Fusion’s safety, you are not alone.

Ford Fusion Transmission Issues

In the time we have been taking Fusion cases, we have become aware of the following alarming issues with models Fusion models 2010 through 2016:

  • Jerking, shuddering, or jolting when shifting gears
  • RPM malfunctions
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Shaking of the entire car, especially when shifting into first gear
  • Transmission slipping upon heavy acceleration
  • Transmission making whining noises
  • Transmission failing to shift on the highway
  • Slamming into next gear, especially coming out of lower gears
  • Rough shifting, particularly on a cold start
  • Transmission fluid leaks
  • Faulty transmission lines
  • Gear grinding when shifting from first to second gear
  • Clunking noise when changing gears
  • Shuddering while accelerating or decelerating
  • Complete stall out or vehicle breakdown
  • A general feeling of being unsafe

We knew when the calls didn’t stop that we had to help Fusion owners. We are in the process of creating a mass action for Ford Fusion transmission cases, and we are taking new claims now. You can sign up to be part of our mass action with no money down and zero attorneys’ fees in your contract. You read that correctly. As a claimant in our Fusion mass action, you will not pay us any fees. Contact us today to find out more.  

Our Fusion Mass Action

Stern Law is preparing to file a mass action in which we allege Ford knowingly manufactured and failed to correct a defective transmission in its Fusion automobiles. State “Lemon Laws” and the national Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act allow us to sue Ford in a mass consumer protection action wherein we will fight for the rights of car owners who have been misled by the vehicle manufacturer.

To be clear, Stern Law’s Fusion mass action is not a class action. In a class action, all claimants are represented by just one or a few plaintiffs, and everyone is part of the same, single lawsuit. In a mass action, every plaintiff has his or her own claim. Your Stern Law claim will be valued based on its own merit, rather than the merit of anyone else’s claim. If you receive a settlement, it will be a real settlement, not a $500 class action coupon that was not worth your time in the first place.

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