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Stern Law’s skilled consumer rights attorneys are currently accepting cases involving Ford Fusion transmission issues. If you own or lease a Fusion and have been experiencing transmission-related problems, contact our firm today to discuss whether you might be eligible to file suit against Ford.

Ford’s Faulty Fusion Transmission

Our Ford transmission work began with investigation into the PowerShift transmission inside the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus. In an attempt to make these cars extremely fuel efficient, Ford outfitted them with a manual transmission tweaked to shift automatically. The doctored transmission wears and tears more easily and cannot handle the demands of even everyday driving, so car owners begin to experience violent jerking, lurching, shaking, and clunking noises during gear shifts, acceleration, and deceleration.

While fielding upward of 20,000 calls from car owners, we received a huge number of inquiries from Fusion owners. The Fusion does not have the same PowerShift transmission, but these callers were describing the same issues with their cars. After digging into the matter further, the Stern Law team knew Fusion owners needed representation against Ford, too.

We are now accepting Fusion transmission cases and have already discovered the following information related to Ford Fusions:

  • Hundreds of complaints citing harsh or delayed gear shifting
  • Reported Fusion problems massively increasing on 2010-2014 models (nearly 400 percent compared to earlier models)
  • Complaints as early as 2012 regarding transmission failure
  • Complaints regarding sudden deceleration or loss of power
  • Fusion customer satisfaction packages already in place for other acceleration-related issues – Get your vehicle checked!

Stern Law is in the process of organizing a mass action against Ford for its 2010-2016 Fusions, and we are accepting new cases right now. If you have noticed issues with your Fusion and have not found answers at the service department, contact our firm today to see if you might qualify for our Fusion transmission mass action. You and your family deserve a safe, dependable vehicle.

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We know car troubles are extremely stressful, and Ford should be held accountable for your time, money, and worry. If you bought or leased a Ford Fusion and have experienced transmission problems, contact Stern Law, PLLC, today by (844) 808-7529, and schedule a free consultation with one of our compassionate attorneys.

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