Small Car Owners in California Have Big Lemon Law Rights

One common misconception when it comes to the Lemon Law and buybacks is that a fancier or more expensive car might entitle its owner to greater rights. In fact, many owners of a small, less expensive car often think it is not worth it to pursue a claim for their constant and persisting car issues. Yes, too many people believe the idea, “you get what you pay for” applies to them and their small car issues. However, what they fail to realize is that, in California, the law is on their side, regardless of the size or cost of their vehicle.

When You Have A New Car Problem

No matter how expensive your car is, or how large it is, having to return a car to the dealer over and over to ‘fix’ the same issue is a big headache. When people spend thousands of dollars on something new, they expect it to work and perform properly. Yet we see, over and over, car manufacturers get away with ignoring problems in a vehicle because they hope the problem, or the owner, will simply ‘go away.’ And sometimes they do. But owners in California, regardless of how much they spent on the car, should not go quietly when their vehicle keeps breaking down and repair attempts fail. They should understand their Lemon Law rights.

California auto and Lemon Law stands alone in the country for generous benefits due to the various protections it provides for owners. Unlike other states, California has a much more generous framework that encourages manufacturers to do right when their product does not work. A car or truck owner who has been forced to take their vehicle in for multiple warranty repairs has unique rights that can make their claim very valuable (and quickly convince the manufacturer to pay attention!)

The reason is simple: while car or truck owners in other states may only be able to pursue the purchase price for their vehicle in a Lemon Law claim, California owners can also pursue penalties on top of the purchase price. Used for attorney fees and more, these penalties mean that even if you have the cheapest new car on the market, the law still works on your behalf to make your Lemon vehicle go away. Because of these laws, also known as the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, even owners of small vehicles can make a claim for a buyback for far more in compensation than anywhere else in the country.

California Lemon Law Rights

If you own a small car that you bought or serviced in California, there is no reason to continue “putting up” with the problems that keep happening. With enough warranty repairs for the same issue, any vehicle owner, regardless of the size or cost of the car or truck, has important rights under California law.

Finally fed up with the problems that the dealer or manufacturer has not repaired? It’s time to speak with a California attorney with decades of experience helping owners just like you! Let our offices get to work proving your claim and getting you the compensation you deserve under California law for your defective vehicle. But don’t wait any longer – California law has limits as to how long you can wait before making a claim. Without speaking to you, we have no idea of how much more time there is to pursue a buyback, and the additional benefits you may be entitled to,  which means you should fill out our contact form ASAP to get your claim started!

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