Talcum Powder Lawsuits

Many women routinely use talcum powder to absorb moisture and smooth friction between their bodies and their undergarments. However, this is a potentially dangerous practice. Research and the life stories of many women indicate a link between talcum powder applied to the genital area and the development of ovarian cancer.

Talcum Powder

Cervical Cancer

What’s distressing about cases of cervical cancer is that many can be connected to the diagnosed woman’s use of common consumer products that contain talcum powder…

talcum powder ovarian cancer

Ovarian Cancer

Several studies over four decades indicate an increased risk of ovarian cancer among women who used talcum powder in their genital region…

Talcum Powder

Safety Issues- Talcum Powder Products

As clinical studies over four decades have revealed, and multiple cancer awareness and support organizations have acknowledged, there is some level of positive correlation between women’s use of talcum powder near their genitals and an increased risk of ovarian and cervical cancer…

talcum powder lawsuits

Talcum Powder Lawsuits

Over the past 40 years, clinical studies have linked cases of ovarian cancer with women’s use of talcum powder products. Further, research and litigation have revealed documents which demonstrate that talcum powder manufacturers, chiefly Johnson & Johnson, knew about the risk talcum powder posed to consumers, but made no effort to warn the public…

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Talcum Powder FAQs

If you or a loved one of yours has contracted ovarian cancer and believe it is linked to talcum powder use, you are likely to have many questions. A Stern Law attorney can work with you to address your initial concerns and answer your questions…

talcum powder ovarian tumors

Ovarian Tumor

If you are concerned about ovarian cancer, perhaps because you or a loved one is a long-time talcum powder user or have other risks, you should understand what a diagnosis of ovarian tumors could mean…

Talcum Powder

Fallopian Tube Cancer

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with fallopian tube cancer, it may be just a matter of bad luck. Or it may be a result of using talcum powder products in the genital area…

talcum powder timeline

Cancer Timeline

The histories of talcum powder and ovarian cancer have become intertwined in many people’s lives for more than 75 years…

talcum powder infographic

Talcum Powder Infographic

Multiple research studies have indicated that using cosmetics and personal hygiene products that contain talcum powder may lead to ovarian cancer. Many talcum powder manufacturers, including Johnson & Johnson, downplay the risks as women continue to unknowingly expose themselves to a higher risk of contracting ovarian cancer…

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Talcum Powder Mesothelioma

Did you develop mesothelioma as a result of regularly using a talcum powder product, such as baby powder, body power, or cosmetics? If so, you might be entitled to substantial compensation. Our law firm, Stern Law, can help.