An Invisible Problem for a Troubled Vehicle

Any auto manufacturer can face a problem with a vehicle. Mass produced and inherently complex, cars and trucks can be a challenge for owners due to something that happened during their design, assembly or delivery. How the manufacturer handles that issue is most important – respecting the warranty and fixing the issue should be the bare minimum. When the problem, though, is based on something the manufacturer has a financial interest to hide, the consumer has a lot to lose.

There are two major issues we want to focus on in which a manufacturer actively conceals issues with their cars or trucks: cheats embedded in the vehicle’s makeup or a part in the vehicle that consistently fails. The first scenario would involve a situation where the manufacturer is aware of a defect or vehicle issue, and they install software or unique parts to conceal the problem. Emissions scandals are one specific example of a manufacturer concealing the true and accurate amount of emissions the vehicle in order to achieve results. The second scenario is when a part or system of a car or truck has a specific defect or weakness that creates uncorrectable problems.

Our firm concentrates on claims associated with fraud, specifically those situations where a manufacturer is aware of a problem but hides it to avoid financial responsibility to the consumer. These cases are specifically tied to the manufacturer hiding a known defect or an intentional misrepresentation. With an emissions scandal, this is tied to specific software or assembly that conceals how much pollution is actually released during normal operation. With a part defect, this could involve a manufacturer being aware that something like the transmission consistently fails due to poor materials or design. In both scenarios, lawsuits can expose years, sometimes decades, of knowledge in the company that there is a problem while the public is told nothing. And with class action cases, owners can still lose.

Class action settlements frequently expose a company concealing problems with their cars or trucks. However, unless the settlement truly takes into account all losses, it can leave owners facing the problem, without proper compensation and with no legal options. Our firm has witnessed class action settlements that helped less than 10% of owners and offered most of those people a few hundred dollars for vehicles that could suffer devastating transmission failures costing thousands to repair. Similarly, emissions scandals can result in patches creating a wide range of problems while owners have no direct legal option to sue for their unique vehicle issues. In both situations, it doesn’t matter what bad acts are exposed: as soon as a class action settlement is reached, there is no alternative for those who did not opt out. They’re automatically subject to the terms of that class action settlement.

If you find your vehicle is subject to a class action settlement, pay close attention to your legal rights and how it limits your options. While the postcard you receive in the mail can say you will receive thousands of dollars, check to see how you would qualify and if it matches your experience. Then check to see what you would need to do if problems occur down the road. The sheer number of people our firm hears from after a class action opt out deadline speaks to the reality owners frequently face after. Where the deal sounded fine and the compensation seemed clear, once the issues persist or the claims process leads to a much lower payout… people react. The problem is they react when there is no option available.

Our firm represents those who opt out of class action settlements to pursue individual claims. If your vehicle is facing a class action deadline, contact our firm as soon as possible to find out about your options and how we can help. Too often a settlement is reached before the true extent of a problem is understood by the public. Not every class action settlement leaves those affected behind, but when it involves an investment as significant as your vehicle, in both cost and importance, you should explore your options far sooner than later. We believe in the value of information and we are here to help: call us today at (844) 808-7529 or email us ASAP to get the facts and review your options.

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