Introduction to Benzene Toxic Tort Litigation

Have you been exposed to benzene in the workplace? If so, you may be at risk for developing severe side effects including cancer. Benzene is a flammable and colorless liquid used in adhesives, lighter fluid, kerosene, and other products. Benzene is also a known carcinogen and can lead to the development of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) as well as other health conditions. As a result, individuals who were unwittingly or unknowingly exposed to benzene while on the job are bringing lawsuits against their employers and/or the manufacturer of Benzene for damages and losses they experienced after being exposed to the substance and developing health complications.

Benzene Exposure Injuries

Professions that are more likely to work around Benzene and products containing Benzene include painters, workers in paper plans, newspaper press operators, and leather and rubber workers. Prolonged exposure to benzene has been shown to contribute to the development of several forms of leukemia, lymphoma and/or myeloma. These forms of cancer can each be painful to manage and require regular medical care in order to best manage the symptoms of the cancer. Not only this, but a recent study published in Neurology concluded that lifetime exposure to benzene can lead to reduced memory and cognitive impairment.

Benzene Injury Lawsuits

Because of the known dangers of benzene exposure, individuals who have developed one or more forms of cancer after having been exposed to benzene are filing lawsuits against their employers or the individuals who exposed them to the dangerous substance. These individuals raise a number of claims in support of their prayer for compensation, including:

  • The dangerous effects of benzene were well-known for some time and yet workers were not properly informed about the dangerous nature of the substance and what they could do to reduce their risk of developing health complications later in life;
  • The workers were made to work in an environment in which they were regularly exposed to benzene without appropriate protective equipment that could have helped them reduce their chances of developing AML or other forms of cancer;
  • Other claims that employers and/or manufacturers concealed the risks of benzene from the public or required workers to work in an environment saturated with benzene without providing warnings and instructions to the workers.

The key to a successful benzene lawsuit is establishing causation. Compensation is not available for an injured plaintiff simply because he or she developed a form of cancer typically associated with benzene exposure. These bare facts suggest, but do not prove, that benzene exposure lead to the plaintiff’s health troubles. Instead, the plaintiff must create a “timeline” using his or her work history and medical records that shows when the plaintiff first began to be exposed to benzene, when the plaintiff first began complaining of health issues and complications, and when he or she was diagnosed with cancer. Although the victim may never be able to produce sufficient evidence that will conclusively prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that benzene exposure led to the development of his or her cancer, this is not required. So long as the plaintiff can produce evidence connecting his or her benzene exposure with his or her cancer to a degree that it appears more likely than not that the two are connected, the plaintiff’s suit will succeed.

How to Hire a Benzene Injury Attorney

Suits in which the injured plaintiff seeks compensation for medical bills and other expenses based on exposure to a toxic substance like benzene are not simple causes to investigate, prepare, or present. Not only may evidence be lacking to support the injured plaintiff’s claim, but the injured plaintiff may only have a limited amount of time within which to identify the at-fault parties responsible for exposing the plaintiff to benzene and to file a lawsuit for compensation. The “time” available to the plaintiff begins to run (in most cases) on the date when the injury plaintiff should have known he or she had suffered injury as a result of exposure to benzene. Finally, a claim for compensation must properly value the plaintiff’s past and future anticipated losses in order to help ensure that the plaintiff receives a full and fair compensation award if his or her suit is successful.

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