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The State of Alabama is perhaps best known as the location of many historic moments in the American Civil Rights Movement in the 20th century. The 16th Street Baptist Church, located in the city of Birmingham, was a significant meeting spot for protesters during the 1960s. Museums and historical markers dedicated to other Civil Rights leaders like Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Rosa Parks are located in Montgomery. Alabama has moved beyond its days of actively denying African-Americans basic rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution and this is reflected in the fact that 4.8 million people have chosen Alabama as their home (according to a 2013 census).

Residents and visitors to Alabama are both equally at risk of a more basic threat to their physical health and safety – car collisions. When you or a loved one are injured or killed in an Alabama car crash, it can be devastating news to swallow. You and/or your family will likely incur a substantial amount of debt as you must pay for medical treatment and contend with lost wages due to time away from work. While you may not have had any control over your car accident, you do have options available to help you address the economic and noneconomic impact of your injuries and losses.

Statistics and Data About Car Crashes in Alabama

Alabama’s Department of Transportation prepares a yearly review of statistics and data concerning collisions within the state. This is made available to politicians and the general public and can help inform citizens and their elected leaders about traffic-related issues that should be addressed. Some basic statistics from the Department’s most recent report covering 2012 indicate:

  • There were 5,079,617 registered vehicles and 3,857,834 licensed drivers in Alabama;
  • A total of 128,307 traffic crashes of all types (fatal, injury, and non-injury alike) occurred during 2012. This is about 10,692 crashes per month, every month!
  • 40,202 people suffered various injuries because of traffic collisions, a 5.75 percent increase over 2011.
  • There were 813 fatality crashes that combined killed a total of 870 people. About half of these fatalities occurred at night.

The report goes on to list factors and circumstances that contributed to these crashes and collisions. This data leaves the reader with the firm impression that a number of the crashes reported to the Alabama Department of Transportation could be avoided if drivers simply exercised greater care. Driving too fast for the road and weather conditions, disregarding or failing to see other traffic and traffic signs, texting while driving, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are just a few examples of the type of negligent conduct that leads to Alabama injury and fatal car accidents. Drivers who choose to engage in such careless behavior and who crash into others can be held financially accountable for the impact that the crash has on those involved.

Alabama is a “Fault-Based” Insurance State

Alabama follows the majority of states in requiring resident drivers to purchase “fault-based” insurance policies that meet the state’s requirements for policy limits. When an insured driver causes a crash and injures another person, that injured person can file a claim with the insured motorist’s insurance company asking that compensation be paid. If the insurance company is satisfied that the loss is covered and that its insured client caused the accident and resultant injury, the insurance will pay up to the policy limits.

If compensation is not paid for one reason or another, or if the insurance company provides the injured party with something less than full and fair compensation (from the perspective of the injury victim), he or she may file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. In a car crash lawsuit, the victim would be entitled to compensation even if he or she was determined to be primarily at fault in causing the accident.

Alabama’s Statute of Limitations

Alabama gives injury victims who wish to file car accident injury lawsuits two years from the date of the accident within which to file their claim. If an injury victim fails to file his or her case within this two-year period, then the victim’s case will be dismissed and he or she will not receive any compensation. What is more, the victim will be forever barred from attempting to obtain compensation through a court case for his or her losses and injuries associated with that car crash.

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