Idaho Car Accident Lawyers, Statistics, Laws and Lawsuits

Idaho Car Accident Lawyers, Statistics, Laws and Lawsuits


Idaho is associated with one thing more than anything else – potatoes. However, Idaho is much more than the place French fries are born. Idaho is located near the Rocky Mountains near the northwest corner of the United States. Outdoor activities are very popular, as there is a great deal of wilderness between Idaho towns like Boise, Twin Falls, and Meridian. According to a 2013 census, about 1.6 million people call Idaho “home.” This makes the state more populated than places like South Dakota and Montana, but Idaho has fewer individuals than places like Nevada, Kansas, and Utah.

Even though Idaho’s population may not be great, serious or even fatal car accidents can still occur on Idaho roadways. Even nonfatal car crashes can leave injury victims with severe brain injuries, spinal cord damage, broken bones, and other painful injuries. While the economic and noneconomic costs of these injuries can be compensated through a claim or lawsuit, injury victims should be prepared to act quickly in order to secure the best resolution for their car accident lawsuit.

Idaho Car Accident Statistics

Idaho’s Transportation Department’s Office of Highway Safety publishes yearly reports that contain the number of crashes that occurred on Idaho roadways during the previous year as well as descriptions of these collisions. For 2014, the Office reported:

  • A total of 22,134 crashes throughout the state that resulted in 186 fatalities and 1,273 cases of serious injuries;
  • Sixty-six percent of all crashes occurred in urban areas, but 77 percent of all fatal crashes occurred on rural roadways (suggesting that rural roadways in Idaho are more deadly than those in the city);
  • Two of the top causes of Idaho crashes were aggressive driving (a factor in 48 percent of collisions and in 61 traffic fatalities) and distracted driving (a factor in 19 percent of collisions and in 29 traffic fatalities).

Idaho’s rural spaces and open roads can entire residents and visitors alike to be less vigilant about safe and prudent driving behavior. However, a driver’s own behavior is directly related to the likelihood that that particular driver will cause a car crash. If a driver decides to be careful – refusing to text while driving and obeying traffic laws and directions – then that driver is less likely to be involved in a crash than a driver who drinks before driving, who reads and replies to e-mails and texts while behind the wheel, and who speeds or engages in other dangerous driving behavior.

Idaho is a “Fault-Based” Insurance State

Idaho follows a majority of states in requiring resident motorists to obtain an adequate fault-based insurance policy before driving. These fault-based policies provide protection and assurance to other drivers on the road that, in the event you cause a crash that results in their injury or death, they and/or their surviving family members will be able to obtain some compensation from your insurance company. Unlike “no fault” policies that are present in some states, in Idaho and other fault-based states the injury victim files a claim for compensation with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

A car crash lawsuit may be filed in cases where an injury victim’s claim for compensation is denied altogether or where the insurance company refuses to pay the victim full and fair compensation. In one of these lawsuits, the at-fault driver and/or his or her insurance company may attempt to avoid having to pay compensation to the victim by claiming the victim him- or herself also acted negligently and thereby contributed to the crash and his or her own injuries. However, so long as the victim was less than 50 percent responsible for the crash, the victim should be able to obtain some measure of compensation.

The Time to File Your Idaho Car Accident Lawsuit is Now

A car crash lawsuit seeking compensation for one’s injuries and losses must be filed with the appropriate court within two years of the date of the crash, according to Idaho’s statute of limitations. Otherwise, the injury victim’s case will be dismissed from court and the victim will not be able to recover any compensation for his or her injuries whatsoever. Injury victims need to begin thinking about how they are going to obtain compensation very soon after the crash occurs in order to be able to meet this deadline.

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