Kentucky Car Accident Claims Overview

Kentucky Car Accident Claims Overview

Kentucky is a state in the American Midwest and lies just south of Ohio and to the west of West Virginia and Virginia. Many know Kentucky because of horse racing (the Kentucky Derby is held in Louisville) and bluegrass music, both of which are prolific in the state (Kentucky’s nickname is “the Bluegrass State”). Aside from Louisville, other major cities include Lexington and the capital city of Frankfort. The state is bordered on the north by the Ohio River and both Kentucky and Ohio have made improvements to their respective riverfronts to make them more entertaining places to visit.

Kentucky has a population of approximately 4.3 million people (according to 2013 census data). For its size, a surprising number of car accidents occur within the state’s boundaries each year. Some of these are fatal collisions that result in the death of at least one person, but many more are injury accidents that can result in any type of injury, from small cuts to traumatic brain injuries. Injury victims must be prepared to be proactive if they intend to obtain compensation for their losses and expenses.

Kentucky Car Accident Data

Each year, the Kentucky Department of Transportation publishes a “fact book” that contains statistics and data about the types of crashes that occurred in Kentucky during the previous year. This information is useful not only to state leaders (who use the data to determine what programs or initiatives should be pursued to make state roads safer), but also in those wanted to obtain a better understanding of the risks they face getting behind the wheel in Kentucky. The data from 2015 shows:

  • A 13.4 percent increase in the number of fatal car crashes, from 612 collisions in 2014 to 694 in 2015;
  • A total of 23,803 injury accidents, an increase of 3.7 percent over the 2014 total of 22,958;
  • A total of 161,393 collisions of all types reported, which is 6.8 percent higher than the 2014 total of 151,180.

The increasingly-serious trend can potentially be explained in this way: It is not that Kentucky roads are becoming more dangerous, it is that drivers and others on Kentucky’s roads are increasingly engaging in careless and negligent driving behaviors. Very few accidents in Kentucky happen without reason or warning: Instead, many collisions happen because of the negligent driving habits of drivers. Reversing Kentucky’s troubling car accident trends begins with encouraging drivers to put down their cell phones, to not drink and drive, and to obey traffic laws at all times.

Kentucky is a “No Fault” Insurance State

Kentucky law requires that you, a resident motorist, keep a “no fault” insurance policy with sufficient limits in force at all times. This is for your own benefit: Injuries and losses related to a car accident can quickly climb out of control. A “no fault” insurance policy helps ensure that you will receive some financial compensation for your losses regardless of who is at fault in causing the crash.

In certain limited cases, you may be able to file a lawsuit if your losses are not adequately compensated by your insurance company. A determination of who was at fault in causing the accident will play a role in the case of a lawsuit, but injury victims should not worry too much about the role their own negligence played in the crash. An injury victim who also behaved recklessly or negligently and whose behavior contributed to the crash will still be able to recover some compensation, although the amount of compensation he or she does recover will be lessened according to the role his or her behaviors played in causing the accident.

Deadline to File a Kentucky Car Accident Lawsuit

Kentucky’s statute of limitations gives injury victims only one year from the date of their accident within which to file a claim for compensation. If these victims fail to file their lawsuits within this one-year period, in most every case their claims will be dismissed and not heard by the court (there are some exceptions to this harsh-sounding rule, but most of the exceptions do not apply in car accident cases). Kentucky car accident injury victims may find hiring an experienced attorney beneficial, as the attorney can help protect and advance the victim’s rights while the victim him- or herself focuses on his or her recovery.

Experienced Law Firm Helps Car Accident Victims

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