Mississippi Car Accident Laws, Lawyers and Settlements

Mississippi Car Accident Laws, Lawyers and Settlements

Mississippi may be considered part of the “Deep South,” and for some visitors it may seem like a different country altogether. The state struggles with its history and heritage, along with a host of other societal struggles like attracting good-paying jobs to the area and improving the quality of education in the schools. Approximately 3 million people live in Mississippi – some of them in severe poverty.

If you live in Mississippi or are just visiting the state, you are at risk of being injured – or even killed – in a car accident caused by another person’s careless behavior. Car crashes know no state boundaries or socioeconomic circumstances. Wherever two or more individuals are sharing the same roadway, the risk of a car accident is present. Car accidents can result in a range of injuries. Some crashes will only result in superficial cuts or bumps, while others may inflict serious brain injuries or spine or neck injuries. No matter the extent of your injuries, it can be comforting to know you may not need to bear the financial burden of your injuries and losses alone.

Car Crashes in Mississippi

The Mississippi Department of Transportation reports that in 2010 a total of 641 people were killed on the state’s roadways. A significant number of these people were killed in traffic accidents that involved a drunk or impaired driver (about 37 percent of all fatality crashes). Those who were between the ages of 25 and 54 stood the greatest chance of being killed, statistically speaking. An even greater number of motorists and passengers were injured when they collided with another car.

The Department’s data also proves that many of the injury and fatal crashes reported to the Mississippi Department of Transportation are accidents that could have been avoided. Aside from drunk driving, accidents were also likely in cases where the driver was texting while driving or otherwise distracted, or where the driver violated well-established or posted traffic laws. Not only can engaging in these or other careless behaviors increase the likelihood that a fatal or injury car accident will result, it can also subject the person who engages in such behavior to civil liability for the damage and harm he or she may cause to others.

Mississippi is a “Fault Based” Insurance State

Residents of Mississippi who wish to drive a car must have a valid auto insurance policy that provides an adequate amount of compensation for injuries and loss in the event that the insured driver causes a wreck and injures others. If this occurs, the injured party files a claim for compensation with the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier. Claims are paid if the insurer is satisfied that the injured party’s loss is covered by the policy and that the insured driver was at fault in causing the accident. If the insurance company is not convinced that these facts are true, then it can choose to deny the claim.

If the injured party’s claim is denied, or if the insurance company refuses to pay what the injured party believes is fair compensation, then the injured party may be permitted to file a car accident lawsuit. In a typical car crash lawsuit, the injury victim must show that the other driver was negligent and caused the crash and that the crash resulted in injury to the victim. In such a lawsuit, the victim would be able to recover compensation even if evidence showed that the victim also engaged in reckless or careless behavior that contributed to the accident (so long as the victim is not 100 percent responsible for the crash and his or her injuries).

Mississippi Car Crash Lawsuit Deadline

Filing a lawsuit is an investment of time and resources and is therefore not a decision that should be made lightly. However, injury victims must decide whether to file such a lawsuit within three years of the date the accident occurred. Mississippi law imposes a strict limitation on the amount of time that can pass between the occurrence of an injury accident and the filing of a claim seeking compensation for those injuries. Lawsuits are routinely dismissed in Mississippi if they are filed outside the time limitations set forth in statute.

Experienced Legal Counsel Helps Car Crash Victims Recover Compensation

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