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When was the last time you considered the safety and reliability of your vehicle and its component parts? If you are like many Americans, the answer is probably “Never.” Even when dangerous vehicle defects or defective parts lead to nationwide recalls, car owners and drivers affected by the recall may wait weeks or months before taking their vehicle to get repaired – that is, if they get the vehicle repaired at all! However, in recent years there have been several high-profile recalls issued after dangerous defects caused or contributed to serious and/or fatal car accidents:

  • Faulty ignition switches have caused cars to lose power while the vehicle is in motion;
  • Defective designs have caused cars to explode during certain accidents or brake pedals to become stuck and unable to be operated while the car is in motion;
  • Defective parts in the airbag assembly of some vehicles have caused airbags not to deploy during a crash or to deploy with lethal force.

The injuries that result from car crashes caused by defective auto parts or vehicle defects can be catastrophic or even fatal. This results in an injury victim (or a deceased victim’s surviving family members) incurring thousands of dollars in medical expenses or funeral costs and enduring significant pain. A vehicle defect lawsuit can assist victims and their families in recovering financial compensation for their losses, expenses, and injuries.

Types of Vehicle Defects and Auto Part Defects

A “defect” implies that a particular product possesses an undesirable imperfection or other “shortcoming.” A defect with a vehicle or with one or more of a vehicle’s component parts can usually be classified as either a design defect, a manufacturing defect, or a warning defect. In some cases, a defect may fall into two or more categories:

  • A design defect exists when the design or manufacturing instructions for a particular product result in the creation of a product that is defective or dangerous. In other words, if a manufacturer follows the design or manufacturing instructions for a product and thereby produces a product that is considered defective. The Ford Pinto’s infamous “exploding gas tank” that would explode if the vehicle was hit in a certain way in a crash. GM’s faulty ignition switch assemblies is a more recent example of a design defect.
  • A manufacturing defect exists when the vehicle’s or part’s design or instructions are not followed and a defective product results. In the case of a manufacturing defect, the vehicle’s or product’s design is typically sound and, if followed, would be expected to produce a safe product. For example, if a car’s design called for the use of a certain material for the car’s frame but the manufacturer instead substituted a lower-quality material to save costs (and this compromised the vehicle’s safety), then a manufacturing defect would exist.
  • A labeling or warning defect exists when a product could be considered dangerous to a consumer if the product was used as intended and the manufacturer of the product fails to attach a sufficiently-clear warning to the product in order to warn the consumer. For example, if a component part of a vehicle’s airbag assembly could cause shrapnel to come flying from the steering wheel with deadly force in the event of a crash. If no label was present on the airbag assembly or where a consumer could see it, then a warning or labeling defect would be present.

In many vehicle defect cases, proving that a defect actually exists and that that defect or those defects contributed to a car crash is not always an easy task. In many cases, one or more experts in the fields of automobile design, manufacturing processes, and/or engineering will need to be consulted to determine if you have a case. These same experts will also often need to testify in the event of a trial in order to prove your claim. Having the assistance of a vehicle defect lawyer who is familiar with experts in these fields and knows how to utilize their insights and information can give you a distinct advantage in and out of the courtroom.

Where to Turn After a Vehicle Defect Causes You Injury

If you or a loved one is involved in a car crash and you believe your vehicle or another vehicle involved had a defect – the vehicle did not handle or maneuver as one might expect, made strange sounds just before the crash, or one of the vehicles involved has been the subject of a recent recall – time is of the essence. Investigating vehicle defect crash cases can take a considerable amount of time, and the law only gives you a certain amount of time within which to file your case. Attorney Ken Stern and Stern Law, PLLC know the information and evidence necessary to succeed in your claim and know from where this information can be obtained. Contact Stern Law, PLLC right away by calling (844) 808-7529 for assistance. Stern Law, PLLC is committed to investigating your vehicle defect lawsuit thoroughly and efficiently and helping you obtain the compensation to which you may be entitled.

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