Elder Care & Nursing Home Abuse

When you entrust the care of your elderly loved one to a nursing home, you expect your family member or friend to be treated with the respect they deserve. Unfortunately, all too often, the most vulnerable people in our society are the ones who are preyed upon or harmed by those who were supposed to be protecting them. At Stern Law, we stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

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What is "Elder Abuse"?

Abuse among elderly people can take many forms, but in nursing homes, it often comes in the form of exploitation or mistreatment of vulnerable residents. Loved ones should always be on the lookout for both physical and psychological signs of abuse.


The Rights of Nursing Home Residents

Nursing home residents have the right to be treated with respect and dignity. They also have the right to privacy, to control their own schedule, and to communicate with people of their choosing. In particular, their right to make medical decisions and access their finances should be closely guarded.

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Taking Legal Action

The best way to protect your loved one ─ and others in the home ─ from suspected abuse is to say something. Report the abuse to the supervisors at the facility, document any signs of injury, and contact an attorney to discuss your next steps.

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Safety Records for Nursing Homes in Your State

Deciding on a nursing home for your loved one can be a challenge. Search our interactive map to learn about substantiated nursing home complaints in your state. And look up health survey scores and home care rankings on a state level.

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Preventing Elder Abuse

If you see signs of abuse, neglect, or exploitation, you should take action immediately. Your decision to speak up will not only help protect your loved one, but also may prevent others from being harmed in the same way.

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How can I tell if an injury was the result of an accident or abuse? Can I move my loved one to another home to keep them safe? Will a lawsuit really make a difference, or should I just accept the settlement the nursing home offered? Let us answer your questions today.