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If you are an employee facing a dispute with your employer, you know how stressful employment law disputes can be. You might be facing an employer who is failing to pay you what you are owed, requesting you to work off the clock, or denying you overtime pay. Or perhaps your employer has discriminated against you, hurting your career or harassing you at work because of your sex, race, age or other factor. Maybe you are facing retaliation for exposing unethical and unlawful practices at your place of employment.

A dispute with your place of work can present exceptionally troubling implications. You could be afraid that taking action against your employer, even when it is your right to do so, might result in your lack of employment, the loss or your livelihood and means of providing for yourself and your family. Perhaps you are just afraid of losing a job that you worked long and hard to acquire in a field that you genuinely love. Whatever the scenario, we understand that your career is a large part of your life. When individuals are faced with difficult situations that threaten their jobs or make them difficult to perform, it can be a major source of distress.

If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, know that you do not have to face it alone. At Stern Law, PLLC we pride ourselves on providing caring and compassionate representation to our clients. We have seasoned employment law attorneys ready to address your individual needs and legal issues. Call us today for a free consultation. Together we can find a way to resolve your work related legal matters.

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