It seems like studies linking talcum powder to ovarian cancer are inconclusive. How can you prove it for a lawsuit?

A product liability lawsuit, which would be pursued against Johnson & Johnson or other manufacturers of allegedly dangerous consumer products, does not require proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” as is the standard in criminal cases. Product liability lawsuits are prosecuted in civil court and require convincing a jury of the claims made and, for there to be a monetary awarded, that the plaintiff(s) deserves compensation for their losses. A product liability lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff was harmed by a defective and unreasonably dangerous products, and the seller or manufacturer knew about but failed to adequately warn consumers about the inherent risks associated with the use of their products. To prevail in a product liability claim, you must successfully demonstrate that a manufacturer’s product caused your injuries. A skilled attorney, like ours at Stern Law, knows how to effectively handle the complexities of these types of cases in terms of proving causation to the satisfaction of a jury.

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