I understand that there are many lawsuits underway against Johnson & Johnson over talcum powder and ovarian cancer. Am I too late?

No, your claim counts, too. Depending on the circumstances of your case and what is likely to be most beneficial to you, you might pursue a product liability lawsuit on your own or you might join an existing class action lawsuit. A product liability lawsuit may take several forms as it works its ways through state court or federal court. When numerous lawsuits are filed that make similar claims against the same entity, a federal district court may establish a class action. The court then appoints plaintiffs who will serve as representatives for all plaintiffs in the class. Additional plaintiffs with similar complaints are allowed (but not required) to join the class action and share in any verdict and/or award at the conclusion of the case. Joining a class action avails you of evidence compiled by the multiple attorneys representing other members of the class, as well as their professional input. However, pursuing an individual claim allows more flexibility in your case, including not being bound by a settlement agreement arranged by the lead attorney in the class action.

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