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Stern Law’s skilled product liability attorneys are currently taking cases involving hernia repair with Ventrio™ ST mesh. If you have or a loved one has been injured following implantation of Ventrio™ ST mesh, contact our firm today to see if you might have a claim for damages.

What is the Ventrio™ ST?

A hernia occurs when internal organs (usually the intestines) protrude through a weakened wall of muscle or tissue. Hernias are most common in the abdomen but can also develop in other areas of the body in both men and women.

The Ventrio™ ST patch is a surgical mesh product used to reinforce the weakened tissue that causes organ bulging and hernia. Ventrio™ ST is manufactured by Davol Inc., a subsidiary of C.R. Bard, Inc., and is an oval-shaped patch of polypropylene mesh formed from woven monofilament fibers. Surgeons use Ventrio™ ST patches for laparoscopic repair of hernias in various locations in the body.

The Ventrio™ ST is one in a line of Davol’s mesh products containing its registered Sepra® technology. Sepra® technology is described a “hydrogel barrier” on one side of the mesh patch that purportedly minimizes tissue attachment to the mesh and provides internal protection during the healing process. The hydrogel barrier initially swells upon implantation and is resorbed within about 30 days following the patient’s surgery.

Davol also includes in the Ventrio™ ST patch its SorbaFlex™ Memory Technology, which supposedly allows the mesh  patch to be rolled to fit inside a small incision and then “spring” open, back into a flat shape, once inserted in the patient’s body.

Ventrio™ ST Mesh Injuries

Following hernia repair using a Ventrio™ ST patch, many people unfortunately develop complications that require additional treatment and sometimes more surgery. Injuries our clients most frequently report to us include:

  • Infection – Numerous men and women suffer infection after having a Ventrio™ ST patch implanted. Some require only antibiotics, but some infections become severe enough to require operative intervention.
  • Chronic pain – Postoperative pain is one of the most common problems our clients report after implantation of a Ventrio™ ST patch. Sometimes the pain is debilitating, greatly interfering with their quality of life.
  • Adhesions – Adhesions, thick formations of scar tissue that stick to internal organs, are another potential complication from the Ventrio™ ST. Adhesions can lead to pain and dissection issues if further surgery is required.
  • Mesh breakage – The Ventrio™ ST patch had a tendency to break, especially at its edges, which can lead to hernia recurrence and other serious complications.
  • Mesh shrinkage – Polypropylene, the plastic material used to make the Ventrio™ ST patch, has a tendency to contract or shrink into itself throughout the course of time. Shrinkage can cause the mesh to become detached from the tissue holding it in place, potentially leading to hernia recurrence, migration, or other complications.
  • Mesh erosion – Erosion occurs when the mesh breaks down through surrounding tissue, leaving mesh exposed to cause pain, infection, or perforation of nearby organs. Erosion typically must be resolved through surgery.
  • Mesh migration – The Ventrio™ ST patch also has a propensity to “migrate” or move to another area of the body, out of the hernia-repair position. Migration can lead to hernia recurrence, erosion, and perforation, necessitating another operation.

The attorneys at Stern Law recognize how a hernia mesh injury can affect your life, and we can help you quickly understand your options.

What are the Next Steps?

If you or a loved one had hernia repair surgery using a Ventrio™ ST mesh patch and have developed a postoperative injury, contact Stern Law, PLLC, today to talk to one of our experienced attorneys. During your call, you will be able to schedule a free consultation with a seasoned product liability lawyer, who will explain the litigation process and the services we provide. In hiring our firm, your attorney will prepare your case by:

  • Obtaining a detailed account of your surgeries and injuries;
  • Ordering medical records for your original hernia operation, as well as any further treatment or surgery;
  • Determining product identification, or the name of your exact mesh implant, as well as the name of the manufacturer;
  • Consulting with medical experts and industry experts to obtain support for your claim;
  • Determining where your case should be filed and against whom; and
  • Drafting and preparing a petition for filing.

Building a successful hernia mesh claim takes time and hard work, and it is never too early to start. Contact us today to ease the stress and begin working toward compensation for you and your family.

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