Why Choose Stern Law for Your Hernia Mesh Claim?

When you have been injured by a medical device, like hernia mesh, you need an experienced product liability lawyer fighting for your legal rights. With more than 30 years’ experience in the field of product litigation, the attorneys at Stern Law are ready to help you and your family.


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When you sign with Stern Law, we will immediately begin investigating your claim to give you a timely determination about whether we can file a lawsuit on your behalf. Before we can proceed with a lawsuit, we have to acquire what we call “product identification.” This means we need to know the exact brand and manufacturer of every client’s mesh implant. But people often do not know the exact name of the product used in their surgeries, and in some cases, are not entirely sure they even have mesh implants. If you are not sure what kind of implant you have, you do not need to worry; We will find out that information for you.


Upon entrusting your case to Stern Law, you can count on our firm to quickly order medical records from your original hernia repair surgery, including copies of the intraoperative notes and implant reports from the day of your surgery. Those records will usually contain a product sticker or lot number that identifies the specific brand and manufacturer of your mesh implant.


Once we have identified what kind of mesh implant you have, we can begin obtaining records that document the full extent of your injuries. We want to make sure we build the strongest case possible for you, and we have a reputation for achieving results. We undertake our entire investigation of your claim without ever asking for money up front. And in the event we cannot file a lawsuit for you, you never have to worry about receiving a bill from us.


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At Stern Law, PLLC, we are dedicated to helping victims of medical device injuries move forward with the compensation they need for themselves and their families. If you or a loved one had surgery to repair a hernia using mesh and experienced a subsequent injury, contact Stern Law, PLLC, at (844) 808-7529, to set up your free consultation with an experienced attorney.


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