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Work related injuries in maritime employment are handled differently than work related injuries in state based workers’ compensation programs. There are several federal laws that apply to maritime workers depending on what type of position they hold with their employers. The burden of what a maritime employee must prove in order to collect compensation for his or her work related injury will depend on which laws are going to govern the case.

While maritime injury law can be complex and confusing, many of the maritime laws for work related injuries tend to pay injured employees more in compensation.

Some of the laws that govern maritime workers’ injury claims are:

  • The Jones Act

The Jones Act applies to those who qualify as seamen. It requires a seaman prove his or her employer was negligent.

  • Maintenance and cure

Maintenance and cure allows seamen with coverage for their medical bills, and covers their basic costs of living while they are injured.

  • Unseaworthiness

Unseaworthiness claims are made by seamen against the owner of the vessel they are employed on. They cover injuries resulting from a part of the vessel not being suited for the purpose it was meant for.

  • The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (Longshore Act)

The Longshore Act applies to employees who carry out some maritime work duties, and work near navigable waters.

  • The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSL Act)

The OCSL Act extends the protections of the Longshore Act to employees who work on the outer continental shelf, extracting natural resources.

It is not always clear, even to maritime employees themselves, which laws apply to them. At Stern Law, PLLC we have experienced maritime attorneys who can help you navigate the complicated maritime injury claims process. Our attorneys take pride in providing our clients with individualized representation, based on the specific needs of their claims. If you have questions, please contact Stern Law, PLLC today for a free claim evaluation. We look forward to working with you to pursue the compensation that you need and are entitled to.

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