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Our eyes are fascinatingly complex organs. The primary purpose of the human eye is to allow humans to interact with their environment and surroundings through sight. Did you know:

  • One human eye is comprised of over two million “parts” or components;
  • The human eye is the second-most complex organ in the human body (the brain is the first);
  • A corneal scratch can heal in as little as 48 hours (with proper care); and
  • Approximately 80 percent of all injuries to the eyes are avoidable or preventable?

Eye injuries can result in significant physical and financial hardships, even if the injury does not result in permanent blindness. The loss of function in one eye alone can impact a person’s depth perception, making it difficult for him or her to accurately judge the distance of objects. This can make it unsafe for the person to drive, operate heavy machinery, or handle dangerous chemicals or substances – and thus impact the person’s ability to continue with his or her employment or fulfill his or her familial obligations. This is why it is crucial that eye injury victims whose injuries are caused by others’ careless or reckless acts seek legal advice to determine if they are able to obtain compensation for their expenses and losses.

Types of Eye Injuries

The eye can be injured in a variety of ways and under various circumstances. Certain types of eye injuries may heal more quickly than others; similarly, eye injuries that occur under certain conditions carry with them a greater risk of causing permanent damage and/or loss of vision. Common methods whereby individuals suffer eye injuries include:

  • Piercing injuries: These injuries occur when a foreign object pierces the eyeball and/or eye socket. Depending on how deep the foreign object pierces the eye and/or socket, permanent loss of vision in that eye may result. Significant pain is also associated with these injuries, and individuals injured in this manner will need emergency medical attention.
  • Abrasion injuries: An abrasion (or scratch) typically occurs when a small – even microscopic – foreign body gets trapped against the surface of the eye. As the eyeball moves back and forth (or the eye lids open and close), the foreign body is moved across the surface of the eye, causing scratches. These scratches can be quite painful and unpleasant, but can (in most cases) be resolved by flushing the foreign body out of the eye with water and allowing the eye to heal itself.
  • Burn injuries: The component parts of the eye can be burned either by a caustic chemical or by exposure to intense light (such as the sun, a welding arc, or the light from a chemical explosion, for example), causing temporary or permanent blindness. It is important for individuals who may be exposed to burn injuries to wear appropriate protective equipment for their eyes and exposed skin.
  • Blunt force injuries: This type of injury occurs when the eye or the surrounding eye socket is struck by a blunt object, such as when a person is struck in the eye with a fist. While there may not be as great of a risk of permanent loss of vision, a blunt force injury can cause significant swelling and temporary loss of vision.

Except in cases of small, slight abrasions caused by a foreign body like dust or sand, an eye injury should be treated as a serious event. Medical attention should be sought as soon as possible. You should refrain from removing any foreign object that has pierced the eye. Immobilizing the eye may be necessary to prevent further damage from occurring before medical attention can be obtained.

Your Right to Compensation After an Eye Injury

Eye injuries often result from another person’s negligent or reckless actions: An employer who does not provide a welder with proper protective equipment, an individual who carelessly swings and strikes a person in the eye, an accident at work that spills tiny metal flakes that then enter an employee’s eyes, or a car crash in which the injured driver strikes his or her face – and eyes – against the steering wheel. When this occurs, injured individuals may be able to bring a legal suit against the individual(s) and/or entity or entities that caused the eye injury. A successful suit may result in a compensation for medical expenses, any future surgeries or medical procedures that may be needed, time missed from work, disfigurement and disability (if the injury results in temporary or permanent blindness), pain and suffering, and other losses.

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