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The skilled attorneys at Stern Law are currently accepting cases involving Syngenta corn seed. If you are a corn farmer and lost corn income during the years 2013 and 2014, contact our office today to see if you might be eligible to file a claim for damages.

What Are Syngenta Cases About?

Every year, the United States exports tremendous amounts of corn to foreign markets, and farmers nationwide rely on access to these markets for financial success. One of the biggest markets for corn experts is China.

For more than a decade, farmers have been taking advantage of genetically modified corn seed because it has been formulated to produce a better-tasting corn that is more tolerant to weather and pests and thereby produces a higher yield for farmers. Nearly 90 percent of U.S. corn is now grown from genetically engineered seed. But before farmers can sell genetically modified corn to China, China has to approve the seeds.

In 2010, Syngenta AG began selling an insect-resistant corn seed called Agrisure Viptera to farmers in the United States. It did so before obtaining approval from China to export corn grown from these seeds. In 2013, Syngenta also began selling another genetically modified corn seed to U.S. farmers, called Agrisure Duracade, again without export approval from China.

Sometime in 2013, China detected the seed strains in corn shipments from the United States and recognized that the seeds had not been approved. It promptly began rejecting corn shipments from U.S. farmers, causing the price of corn to plummet. For years, farmers struggled to recover, losing millions upon millions of dollars in potential income. It is estimated a total of $5 billion in losses accrued during this time.

While China eventually approved Viptera for export sometime in 2014, it still has not approved Duracade and would continue to reject any corn grown from this seed.

Jury Awards Farmers $217 Million

The first Syngenta trial took place in 2017 in federal court in Kansas City, Kansas. After completion of evidence and deliberations, the jury ordered Syngenta to pay more than 7,000 Kansas farmers $217.7 million for corn income losses.

This was only the first case to go to trial, and cases are still pending around the country. If you or a loved one experienced losses on corn during 2013 and 2014, the time to act is now.

Why Choose Stern Law for Your Syngenta Case?

Though based in Michigan, our firm takes cases nationwide. We work with a network of accomplished trial lawyers and prosecute mass tort claims and class action lawsuits all across the country.

During a largescale litigation like Syngenta, you need the most experienced legal representation on your side. With more than 30 years of litigation and trial experience, the attorneys at Stern Law, PLLC, have the knowledge and skills to achieve the best resolution possible. We understand how these enormous losses have affected your life, and we will work to ease the financial burden on you and your family.

At Stern Law, client communication is of the utmost importance. We know how frustrating it can be to wonder what is happening in your case, so we strive to keep you updated and make sure you understand how much we value you as a client. Our attorneys are caring and compassionate professionals who never forget the value of accessibility. At our firm, you are more than a mere case number, and your calls will always be answered and returned in a timely fashion.

Stern Law Offering Free Consultations and Case Review

We understand that because of Syngenta’s wrongdoing, you are already struggling financially. That’s one of the reasons we offer consultations at no cost to you. The initial consultation is completely free, and we will investigate your claim with zero money up front. If our investigation concludes we cannot pursue a claim for you, you will never receive a bill from us.

And if we decide we can move forward, we will generally advance the costs of any claim we pursue on your behalf. We recognize the average person cannot afford to finance a lawsuit, so we assume that financial risk and contract cases on a contingency fee basis. What this means is we only get paid if you get paid. If you do not receive an award from your lawsuit, you will not owe us a cent.

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Stern Law’s compassionate attorneys recognize this economic loss has had a devastating effect on you and your family. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the justice you deserve. If you are a U.S. corn farmer and suffered losses during the years 2013 and 2014, contact Stern Law, PLLC, at (844) 808-7529, to schedule a free consultation with an accomplished and compassionate lawyer from our firm.


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