Zithromax Injury Lawsuits

Antibiotics are the standard treatment recommended for individuals who develop an infection as a result of bacteria. In some cases, individuals were prescribed an antibiotic such as amoxicillin and ordered to take the antibiotic for several days – perhaps even weeks. Within the past few years, the large pharmaceutical company Pfizer introduced Zithromax (also known as Zmax, azithromycin, and/or Z-Pak), a new antibiotic that allegedly treated infections much quicker than other, more traditional antibiotics.

Dangers of Zithromax

Since 2012, though, studies have suggested a link between Zithromax and the development of irregular heartbeats, peripheral neuropathy, and other serious or fatal heart conditions in patients using the medication. The study specifically concluded that out of one million individuals prescribed a ten-day standard antibiotic regimen and one million people prescribed a standard five-day treatment of Zithromax, 47 additional deaths from cardiac conditions would result in the group prescribed Zithromax. The risk of complications or death was greater if the patient prescribed Zithromax had a preexisting heart condition.

Zithromax Lawsuits Against Pfizer

Learning of the results of the 2012 study (published in the New England Journal of Medicine), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required Pfizer to provide patients with additional information about the potential risks of Zithromax. Some questioned whether the additional warnings were necessary given that the risks described in the study were low. Nevertheless, the additional warnings were added and individuals can now have an honest and frank discussion with their doctor about whether Zithromax is appropriate for them given their goals and health history. But this is little comfort for those who may have suffered an aortic aneurysm, peripheral neuropathy, or some other condition after using Zithromax while unaware of these potential side effects.

It is believed that use of Zithromax can cause a tear in the aorta (aortic dissection), an enlargement of the aorta (aortic aneurysm), and irregular heart rhythm. In addition, some patients have alleged that using Zithromax has caused peripheral neuropathy, which is characterized by pain in the affected nerves (usually the hands and feet). Some of these conditions may be treatable, but others may require prolonged or lifelong monitoring and treatment in order to manage the symptoms of the conditions.

Drug manufacturers like Pfizer are to conduct careful studies and clinical trials before presenting a drug to the Food and Drug Administration for approval and sale to the public. These studies and trials are supposed to uncover potential dangers and risks associated with the drug that can harm or kill patients. These risks are supposed to be disclosed to patients through disclosures and warnings attached to the drug’s packaging so that patients can make informed decisions about whether a drug like Zithromax is right for them. Yet, drug manufacturers know that a drug with too many side effects or side effects considered to be too severe will not sell well. This leads some drug manufacturers to hide or minimize certain side effects in order to boost sales by making the drug appear safer than it actually is.

Mass Tort Lawsuit Investigation Against Zithromax

Because of the harm that Zithromax is now known to be able to cause, individuals who have developed cardiac or neural damage as a result of taking Zithromax are now investigating their options for bringing lawsuits against Pfizer. The central claims in these lawsuits are twofold:

  • First, that Pfizer manufactured a dangerous drug (Zithromax) with unreasonably-severe side effects and did not reexamine the drug or consider other drug formulations that may not have had as severe of side effects; and
  • Second, that Pfizer failed to properly warn patients about all of the potential risks and side effects that may accompany Zithromax use despite the fact that Pfizer knew of these potential side effects.

Injured patients are seeking compensation for their medical bills related to additional treatment they have required as a result of their use of Zithromax. Individual patients injured by Zithromax are also requesting other compensatory damages to address lost wages they suffered while receiving treatment for their Zithromax side effects.

Stern Law, PLLC invites individuals who are taking or who have taken Zithromax and believe they have suffered one or more health complications to visit with attorney Ken Stern and determine if they too may have a claim for compensation against Pfizer for failing to warn about Zithromax’s dangerous side effects. If it is determined you might have a valid claim, attorney Ken Stern can assist injured patients with taking the next steps to either file an individual claim for compensation or join a mass tort lawsuit. Stern Law, PLLC’s commitment is to helping injured patient hold negligent and profit-driven drug companies accountable for needlessly deceiving their patients. Call Stern Law, PLLC at (844) 808-7529 to discuss your Zithromax injuries and lawsuit today.

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