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Stern Law Taking Fusion Faulty Transmission Cases

The experienced attorneys at Stern Law are handling Ford faulty transmission cases, including defective Ford Fusion transmission claims. If you bought or leased a Fusion in 2010 through 2016, contact our office today to see if you are eligible to file suit against Ford.

Fusions a Clear Problem

When we started litigating Ford transmission cases, we limited our case retention to owners of the Fiesta and the Focus. These cars have a special transmission called the PowerShift transmission, which allowed a standard manual transmission to shift automatically. This transmission was part of Ford’s effort to increase gas mileage. In the process of signing nearly 13,000 clients and taking double the calls, we continually received the same question:

Stern Law Now Accepting Fusion Cases

Because of the sheer volume of Fusion callers, we knew we needed to investigate further. When we looked into issues with the Fusion, we found exactly what our callers had described: another faulty transmission. Though the Fusion does not have the same PowerShift mechanisms as the Fiesta and Focus, it does have a defective transmission that causes owners continued time, money, and worry.

Stern Law is now taking Fusion cases to pursue justice for these owners, and our clients have reported alarming complications to us. In our experience taking these cases so far, we have heard clients describe the following issues with their Fusions:

  • Jerking, shuddering, or jolting when shifting gears
  • RPM malfunctions
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Shaking of the entire car, especially when shifting into first gear
  • Transmission slipping upon heavy acceleration
  • Transmission making whining noises
  • Transmission failing to shift on the highway
  • Slamming into next gear, especially coming out of lower gears
  • Rough shifting, particularly on a cold start
  • Transmission fluid leaks
  • Faulty transmission lines
  • Gear grinding when shifting from first to second gear
  • Clunking noise when changing gears
  • Shuddering while accelerating or decelerating
  • Complete stall out or vehicle breakdown
  • A general feeling of being unsafe

It is unacceptable that Fusion owners and lessees have to deal with these problems when their cars should be driving with ease. You buy or lease a new car so you don’t have to worry, and when you end up with a lemon, you feel betrayed by a dealer you thought you could trust. Ford has not done anything to make the situation right, either.

Ford’s Dismissive Tactics

Along with the inquiries we initially received about the Ford Fusion, we also saw a common theme emerging: Ford was covering it up.

Just as it did with Fiesta and Focus owners, Ford’s service departments were sending Fusion owners away with a simple explanation: “That’s how it drives.” Ford service departments also repeatedly told Fusion owners the problems they described couldn’t be replicated, or told them the problems had been fixed, and nothing was wrong with the transmissions. Immediately after departing the shop, Fusion owners would have the same problems but with a big service bill on top.

Ford knows that state “Lemon Laws” require a certain number of vehicle services to trigger legal entitlement to relief. The dealers are sending their customers away and dismissing their Fusion concerns because they do not want their customers to have grounds for a lawsuit and compensation. By the time our clients come to us, they think they’re going crazy.

Stern Law finds this absolutely unacceptable. You are not alone, and your Fusion concerns are not in your head. If you feel unsafe in your vehicle, that is not a normal driving characteristic. You deserve the safe vehicle you thought you were buying, and you deserve the answers you have been denied. Stern Law is currently organizing a mass action against Ford for its defective Fusion transmissions, and we are still taking cases.

Stern Law’s Lawsuit

The dedicated attorneys at Stern Law are finalizing a mass action against Ford, and we are currently taking Fusion transmission cases. As a claimant in our mass action, you will:

  1. Have your own individual case. This is not a class action, so while there are a lot of other plaintiffs involved, you have your own case. The value of your case will not be determined by the value of anyone else’s case.
  2. Pay zero attorneys fees. In Stern Law’s mass action, you do not have to pay any attorneys fees for the work we perform on your case. We’re going to make Ford pay for those fees on top of what it owes to you.
  3. Pay no money out of pocket. We will advance all the costs of your case when you join our Fusion mass action, so you never need to worry about owing money up front.

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