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The skilled attorneys at Stern Law are currently accepting cases on behalf of owners of lessees of Ford’s 2010 Fusion automobiles. If you own or lease one of these vehicles and have experienced confirmed or suspected transmission issues, contact our office today to discuss your options for compensation.

Ford’s Transmission Troubles

Around 2010, after federal fuel emissions regulations passed and people became more conscious of rising gas costs, car manufacturers raced to push out more fuel-efficient options. In its attempt to corner the market, Ford pulled back marketing on some of its larger gas guzzlers, like the F-150, and started turning out small and mid-size sedans with striking miles-per-gallon figures.

But in the rush to get keys into the hands of customers, Ford cut corners and placed defective transmissions in some of its newer models, including the 2010 Fusion. This model has been known to shudder, shake, and stall out, while Ford does everything it can to dismiss the problem.

Ford 2010 Fusion Subject of Numerous Complaints

The Ford Fusion has become an incredibly popular vehicle, but numerous owners have experienced safety concerns shortly after driving off the lot. We started litigating Ford transmission cases by representing owners of Fiestas and Focuses, but then calls started pouring in about 2010 Fusions. After conducting an investigation, we knew we needed to protect the owners of these models, too.

In our experience taking 2010 Fusion cases, our clients have reported experiencing the following issues with their cars:

  • Jerking, shuddering, or jolting when shifting gears
  • RPM malfunctions
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Shaking of the entire car, especially when shifting into first gear
  • Transmission slipping upon heavy acceleration
  • Transmission making whining noises
  • Transmission failing to shift on the highway
  • Slamming into next gear, especially coming out of lower gears
  • Rough shifting, particularly on a cold start
  • Transmission fluid leaks
  • Faulty transmission lines
  • Gear grinding when shifting from first to second gear
  • Clunking noise when changing gears
  • Shuddering while accelerating or decelerating
  • Complete stall out or vehicle breakdown
  • A general feeling of being unsafe

Ordinarily, you associate transmission issues with a car nearing the end of its life – a car with, perhaps, 150,000 or 200,000 miles on it. However, our 2010 Fusion clients report their transmission troubles beginning with only 20,000 miles on the car and sometimes, just a few thousand miles on the car. When you have major problems with a transmission, you know something had gone deeply awry in design or manufacturing of that vehicle. It seems common sense, but Ford has done its best to make Fusion customers believe their troubles are not real.  

We know your Ford Fusion issues are not in your head.

One of the most disheartening things about the Ford transmission litigation is the manufacturer’s seeming commitment to a campaign of consumer deception. Our clients call us saying they thought they were going crazy after repeatedly taking their 2010 Fusions to the Ford service department, only to hear every single time that the problem could not be replicated, or the issue was just part of normal driving characteristics.

When you hire Stern Law for your 2010 Fusion case, you will be assured that (1) we believe you that your car is dangerous and defective, and (2) we know Ford is trying to cover that up. You deserve to be taken seriously, and you deserve a safe, reliable vehicle.

Stern Law Offering Free Ford Fusion Consultations

At Stern Law, the last thing we want is for you to continue to drive a dangerous car for fear you cannot afford to do anything about it. We know you feel betrayed by your dealer, and you’ve likely already paid for costly repairs. We are offering free consultations on Ford 2010 Fusion cases. Your initial call or meeting with our firm is 100 percent free, and we will investigate your claim without ever requiring money up front. If our investigation concludes we cannot assist you with your Ford claim, you never have to worry about receiving a bill from us. When you hire Stern Law to represent you, you can breathe easy knowing we have the resources and experience to bring you best possible results in your case.

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Stern Law recognizes your Ford Fusion transmission troubles are not merely a matter of inconvenience; they are a serious safety concern. Our lawyers can help you understand your rights and hold Ford accountable. If you bought or leased a 2010 Fusion and experienced transmission problems, contact Stern Law, PLLC, at (844) 808-7529, to schedule a free consultation with one of our dedicated consumer lawyers today.  


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