Mirena Intrauterine Device Class Action Lawsuits Lawyers

mirena iud class actions

Mirena Intrauterine Device Lawsuits Lawyers

Women seeking a long-lasting birth control option may have used Mirena. Mirena is an intrauterine device (IUD) that may be able to prevent pregnancy for up to five years. The device first appeared in Europe in the early 1990s and was thereafter approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2000. Since its introduction in the United States, there have been over 40,000 separate incidents where women have experienced serious side effects from the device. For this reason, women who have been injured by Mirena are filing lawsuits, including class action lawsuits, seeking compensation for their injuries.

The Mirena Intrauterine Device

Mirena is classified as an intrauterine device. Devices like Mirena are implanted in a woman’s uterus. After implantation, Mirena is designed to release the hormone levonorgesterel over approximately a five-year period. This hormone can make it more difficult for sperm to survive inside the woman’s body and thereby reduce the likelihood of pregnancy. Mirena is manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Mirena may have been marketed to women as being a safe and effective, long-term and reversible form of birth control.

Since its introduction, however, there have been numerous reports of adverse side effects, some of them serious or life-threatening.

Some of the reported instances have included claims that Mirena:

  • Ectopic pregnancy (occurs when an egg is fertilized by a sperm outside of the uterus). This is a life-threatening condition that requires prompt medical intervention.
  • Uterine wall perforation (tearing of the uterine wall);
  • Migration of the device into other parts of the body other than the uterus; and/or
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease.

Women who have been injured by Mirena may have incurred medical expenses, lost wages, mental pain and suffering, and other economic and noneconomic losses.

Mirena Lawsuits May Provide Compensation to Injured Women

Because of the dangerous side effects that some women have experienced after using Mirena, many lawsuits have been filed against Bayer Pharmaceuticals. These lawsuits have claimed that the Mirena device is defective as manufactured and is therefore dangerous for use by women. Manufacturers of IUDs like Bayer Pharmaceuticals must take reasonable steps to ensure its devices are safe for their intended use. An IUD manufacturer must also adequately warn consumers of the dangers of its device. This includes dangers of which the manufacturer should be aware as well as dangers of which a consumer may not be aware.

Women injured by Mirena who file a lawsuit against Bayer Pharmaceuticals must not only show that Mirena is a defective product and/or that Bayer Pharmaceuticals failed to adequately warn them of the dangerous nature of Mirena, but they must also show that Mirena is the cause of their injuries and the losses they are claiming. For example, a woman injured by Mirena may be able to recover compensation for time she actually missed from work. However, if the woman was laid off or otherwise not employed at the time she was injured, lost wages may not be available to the woman.

Do I Need an Attorney’s Assistance?

Filing a claim for compensation following a Mirena-related injury can be difficult and time-consuming. Many injured women do not have the legal knowledge, time, and investigative resources necessary to determine the extent of their injuries, discover evidence linking their injuries to their use of the Mirena device, calculate the extent of their economic and noneconomic losses, and properly preare and file the necessary legal forms to initiate a lawsuit. What is more, the rules applicable to a Mirena injury lawsuit can vary depending on the state in which the lawsuit is filed or if the case is filed in a federal court as opposed to state court. Finally, there are any number of tactical and strategic decisions that must be made throughout the pendency of the lawsuit.

A Mirena lawsuit attorney brings his or her legal skill and knowledge to assist injured women through the legal process. An attorney should be able to assist an injured woman in determining whether she has a viable claim for damages, in filing the necessary legal documents to initiate a lawsuit, and in making informed decisions about how best to pursue her claim.

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