Severe Lung Disease

Introduction to Severe Lung Disease Lawsuits, Attorneys and Litigation

As anyone with asthma or other breathing disorders can attest, it can be frightening when you are not able to catch your breath. The feeling of tightness and oxygen deprivation can be painful to bear and can limit your willingness and ability to work and engage in recreational activities. Individuals who are regularly exposed to certain harmful chemicals or pollutants in their homes or at their jobs may develop severe lung damage and conditions such as interstitial lung disease and asbestosis. If you or a loved one developed such a condition after being exposed to harmful substances, you may have a claim for compensation against your employer and/or the manufacturer of the toxin in question.

Common Causes of Severe Lung Disease

Prolonged exposure to irritants such as asbestos and caustic chemical fumes (for example) can lead to severe lung damage. In addition, severe lung diseases and conditions have been connected with exposure to grain dust, silica dust, and/or bird feces. Other medications and health conditions can also lead to severe lung disease, including rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis, and certain antibiotics and the heart medication propranolol.

Most troubling – and painful – for individuals are tiny fibers or flakes like asbestos and silica dust. Over time and with repeated exposure, these tiny particles become lodged in the tissue of the lungs. At first, the person may not notice any ill-effects from exposure to asbestos or silica dust. The tiny particles remain in the lungs, however, and over time they begin to cause injuries inside the lungs that heal and develop scar tissue. As the amount of scar tissue increases, the ability of the person to draw deep and full breaths is compromised. From there:

  • The person is not able to “catch” his or her breath, even when engaging in light activity or while at rest;
  • The person becomes easily winded by even small exertions;
  • It becomes painful for the person to breathe, and he or she may take shorter and shallower breaths as a result.

From here, lung cancer and/or mesothelioma may result. By the time cancer sets in, the cancer itself may be far too advanced to respond to treatment. Death – sometimes a painful death – is a common result for those who have suffered long-term severe damage to their lungs and/or who have developed lung cancer.

Safe Workplaces Reduce the Risk of Severe Lung Damage

With the connection between the exposure to and inhalation of certain toxins and the development of lung damage and lung cancer clear, employers whose employees might be exposed to these substances have obligations to take reasonable measures to protect their employee’s health. These measures might include:

  • Advising employees of any toxic substances in their work environment to which they might be exposed;
  • Explaining to employees where they can look for additional health-related information about the toxic substances in their workplace;
  • Describing the steps the employee must take in order to best protect him- or herself from severe lung damage and lung cancer;
  • Providing the employee with personal protective equipment to help minimize the employee’s exposure to the toxic substances.

Employers cannot and should not hide information about dangerous substances in the workplace from their employees. Employers who do so or who fail to take the above-mentioned steps may find themselves named as a defendant in an injury lawsuit brought by an employee who developed severe lung disease after prolonged exposure to toxic substances in the workplace.

When Do I Need a Severe Lung Disease Attorney?

If you know or suspect that you were exposed to a toxic or harmful substance in the workplace over a period of time and are beginning to notice signs of severe lung disease – shortness of breath, pain in the chest, fatigue, etc. – speak with an attorney right away. Your severe lung disease attorney will help guide you to the medical professionals who can evaluate your condition and its cause(s) through the use of x-rays and other imaging procedures. Your attorney can also help you in obtaining the proper treatment for your injuries while also investigating your employer’s practices and determining if you have a valid claim for compensation. Lawsuits filed because of severe lung disease can result in the plaintiff recovering compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages due to time missed from work, lost earning potential (if they are no longer able to work at the same rate or cannot continue to work at all), and their pain and suffering.

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