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At Stern Law, PLLC, we are proud to have compassionate and experienced disability attorneys ready to work with you to achieve the benefits you need. We understand how important the support provided by programs such as Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income are to the individuals who need these programs. We also understand how complicated the process of applying for benefits is, and how appealing a benefits claim can be overwhelming and intimidating.

What can Stern Law, PLLC do to help your claim or appeal?

You have the right to hire a representative who will stand in your place in dealings with the Social Security Administration (SSA). An experienced attorney will know what the SSA is looking for when they review claims for disability benefits. If your attorney sees that your file is missing certain documents or medical records that the SSA requires, or that will strengthen your case, then he or she can help you attain those documents from the appropriate places. By helping to ensure that you have provided everything the SSA requires, and that you have put together a complete and compelling case for why you need benefits, your representative can increase your chances of having your claim approved.

If you are appealing a denial of benefits, the assistance of an experienced representative is even more important. While the initial appeal, called the Reconsideration, mostly involves a second look at your application, once your case reaches the Hearing stage, the help of an attorney can make a significant difference in how your case progresses. An attorney will be able to review your file to look for anything that might be missing and that might have led to your claim being denied initially. Additionally, the Hearing before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) often involves the applicant being asked questions regarding their disability. Applicants’ attorneys will work with them prior to the hearing, helping create an understanding of the types of questions that they should expect to be asked. Many applicants become nervous during the questioning process, but preparing for what to expect can go a long way towards alleviating jitters on the day of the hearing.

At the hearing, the SSA will likely have an expert witness, such as a vocational expert who knows about the field you worked in, and how your disability would impact your work, or a medical expert who can give his or her opinion to the ALJ regarding your medical condition. If these experts contradict your own doctor, or your experiences with your disability, you have the right to question, or “cross-examine” them. An attorney will know how this process works, and how to question the expert witness, while many applicants are uncomfortable with this process and can lose useful opportunities to argue their case.

If you hire an attorney, then that attorney will be able to help you decide what steps to take following the Hearing, including taking your case to the Appeals Council, and in some few instances, to a Federal Court of Law.

If you are facing the process of seeking disability benefits, we are ready to help you and to work with you to pursue the benefits that you need to care for yourself. You do not have to face the process alone. If you would like to learn more about how one of our experienced disabilities attorneys can represent you, give us a call for a free consultation and case review.

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