How to Select a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you were injured at work, or are suffering from an illness that was caused by something you were exposed to during the course of your work related duties, then you might be considering filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, or you might have already applied. Many employers find that their claims are denied by their employer’s insurer, and realize that they will be faced with the need to appeal the workers’ compensation decision. When the need to navigate through the workers’ compensation process arises, many people start looking for an attorney to advocate for them.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are looking for a workers’ compensation attorney.

Find an attorney with plenty of experience in workers’ compensation claims

The process of filing and appealing a workers’ compensation claim is different from litigating a case in court. Finding an attorney who has been through the process many times, and who works in the field regularly will benefit your case. You want to know that your advocate has a detailed understanding of what the adjudicating individual or body will be looking for when they make their decision.

Find someone who you are comfortable speaking with

Make sure you feel that the attorney is treating you respectfully, and listening carefully to your side of your case. You are the client, you should make sure that the attorney is taking the time to understand your specific circumstances. This person is supposed to advocate for you, so you should get the feeling that they are truly on your side.

Look for someone willing to answer your questions and to keep you up to date on your case

Get the attorney to answer all of your questions about the process of the case, what to expect and what and how they will charge you for their services. Additionally, ask them how often they will update you on your case’s progress, and what their policy is about returning emails and phone calls, in other words, how soon after contacting them can you expect to hear back? They should be willing to answer your questions and they should sound knowledgeable about the workers’ compensation process and laws. Additionally, your attorney should continue to keep in touch with you as your case moves through the workers’ compensation system.

Use free consultations

Many attorneys offer free case reviews and consultations. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know the attorney and to find out how you feel about them being your advocate. Come prepared to the meeting with as much information as you can, and with a list of questions to ask.

Ask for references

You may wish to speak with other individuals that the attorney has represented. These people might be able to give you a good understanding of what the attorney was like to work with.

Be certain that you feel comfortable with whichever person you choose to represent you. This person will be giving you advice on how to file your claim, what documents to include, what you should expect if you are faced with the need to testify at a hearing, and many other things. If you have confidence that the person guiding you cares about your case, about you, and that he or she is well seasoned in the workers’ compensation field, then you are going to feel more confident about the advice that your attorney provides you with. If you trust your representative, you will have less stress related to your workers’ compensation claim.

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