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Malpractice by Healthcare Professionals

There are many different types of medical malpractice, including mistakes made by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers. There are times when a person is injured after seeing a medical professional, but does not discuss the matter with a skilled medical malpractice attorney because he or she does not believe that the individual falls within a category that makes the error medical malpractice. It is important for people to know that there are many different types of healthcare providers and if any of them made a preventable mistake that resulted in serious harm, then it is imperative to learn about applicable legal remedies as soon as possible.

While many medical malpractice actions are brought against doctors treating medical conditions or performing surgeries, there are numerous others who may be liable for this type of injury, including:

  • Anesthesiologists – These doctors perform a very specialized type of action and they must be well trained, alert, and responsive in order to prevent harm to their patients;
  • Chiropractors – These healthcare providers perform complex corrections and if this is not done properly, it can lead to long-term or permanent harm that hinders a person’s ability to live a full life;
  • Dentists – There are many things that can go wrong with different types of dental procedures, including when the procedures require the use of anesthesia;
  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) or Paramedics – Although these first responders often perform life-saving or critical medical tasks in order to stabilize patients long enough to get them to the hospital or other medical facility, when they make mistakes, they can be life-threatening;
  • Military Medical Personnel – Many people believe that it is difficult to impossible to hold a military doctor or other healthcare provider liable for the harm that was done during the provision of medical care, but it is possible to hold these individuals liable for mistakes that they made;
  • Obstetricians and Gynecologists – There are many different types of harm that can impact a woman or her unborn child. It is critical to get an experienced malpractice attorney to review medical records and all available information in order to determine whether or not it is possible, or recommended, to pursue a medical malpractice case;
  • Pediatricians – During the physical and emotional development of a child, there are many mistakes that can lead to long-term harm that may prevent a child from leading the full life of promise that he or she had before the mistake. It is critical to get these children the support that they need to lead the best lives possible after a tragic mistake;
  • Pharmacists – When the person filling a prescription makes a mistake, it can have devastating consequences. Unfortunately, there are millions of mistakes made by pharmacists or prescribing healthcare providers every year. While many of these errors are fairly minor, there are others that result in long-term or permanent harm to the patients;
  • Physical Therapists – Like chiropractors, these healthcare providers are responsible for guiding individuals through complex therapy and rehabilitative procedures and exercises. If they make a mistake, it can lead to serious exacerbation on an existing condition. It is possible to hold these healthcare providers accountable for the additional harm that was caused when they made a preventable error;
  • Psychiatrists – These medical doctors make diagnoses and prescribe medications, as well as provide ongoing therapy. Their mistakes can have terrible consequences for patients and their families;
  • Psychologists – As with psychiatrists, these individuals play a critical role in the provision of mental health therapy and an error can lead to tragic results; and
  • Radiologists – There are many times when a make can be made during the administration of an exam or the reading of the results.

Every type of medical malpractice action is based on the establishment of a relationship between the healthcare provider and the patient, the determination of the relevant medical standard of care, the demonstration that the actions of the healthcare provider was the direct and proximate cause of the harm that the person suffered, and the establishment of the harm that was done. The medical standard of care varies with the nature of the services that were provided and can be different for unique sub-sections of the health care professions.

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